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【Official】Country Inn Orchard House

About new coronavirus measures

  • About new coronavirus measures

    At our Orchard House, we thoroughly disinfect new coronaviruses and disinfect our hands and wear masks to protect the health and safety of our customers and family staff.
    We operate up to 5 rooms out of 7 rooms, avoiding crowding.
    In particular, we will install the latest air purifier in this facility and guest rooms and thoroughly perform cleaning and disinfection.
    Please follow the etiquette of your new journey before going out.
    We look forward to your health and happiness, and look forward to welcoming you to Kiyosato Plateau.

    I remember the words of the small pear flowers that spring in the plateau, and I hope that many people around the world will end early without forgetting the regretful feelings.

Facility information

  • front desk

    To make it possible for all customers to return with a smiling face.
    Small hotel to entertain family.
  • Lounge

    Pine's old table, cabinet, antique accessories are gentle wrapping times.
  • Library corner

    Read books with your child at ease ··Making fun happy memories!
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Hotel Name

Country Inn Orchard House


3545-2995 Kiyosato, Takane Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes by car from JR Komi Line Kiyosato Station, 15 minutes on foot, Free transfer available from Kiyosato Station (reservation required), 20 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway Sutama, Nagasaka, Kobuchisawa IC

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Seasonal scenery

  • Scenery of the flowers of the plateau that blooms in every season and the mountains that change expressions with time.

    The altitude of Kiyosato Plateau is clear in the four seasons of change and you can enjoy traveling.The impression when laying an eye on the seasonal scenery is a feasting impression.The full bloom of the white flowers of Yamanashi blooming especially on the ranch is the seasonal scenery of the spring summer crowd ....


  • "Shunkan seasoning"

    Mt Yatsugatake's vegetables, fruits / ground ingredients, blueberries and herbs at home farms and native truffles etc
    To eat seasonal seasons in the land where they live,
    Local produce The local disappearance creates cooking with a heartfelt motto "Seasonal seasoning".
    Orchard House cuisine is safe and healthy Japanese & Western mixed / natural Harvest cuisine.
    Please enjoy with Yamanashi wine · · ·.

Small hotel to welcome with family

  • Relaxing space and relaxing time

    Country Inn Orchard House is designed to create a wonderful Country Inn Orchard House customers.
    We will prepare a relaxing space and time to relax and a place where you can feel the season's change and the splendor of this land.
    As a traveling lover, as a person living in this land we will help you make traveling more enjoyable.
    Always waiting for inquiry, we will stand in the same field as our customers and continue our commitment to motivate new things.To make it possible for all customers to return with a sharp smile ....

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