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Enjoy the leisurely and high seasons of the plateau and stay so as to live ....

  • Orchard House Garden is a time of the plateau.

    Beginning with the first spring dunkowai, in the dazzling fresh green every day,

    White flowers of Kobushi · Uwamizuzakura · Miyamazakura · Hakuunboku begin to bloom.

    Spring gentian and lily of the valley and mountain grasses bloom at the sunny pool.Leisurely tea on the terrace.

    Sleeping in a hammock inside the sunlight through the summer.

    The fruit of the wild horse cake and the pepper paste turn red and tell us the arrival of autumn.

    Christmas decorating apple ornaments with ribbons on trees' autumn leaves, fallen leaves, tree-tailored yew trees.

    Welcome candle of ice making with coldness in winter.The season covered with white snow is also wonderful.

    It is a proposal of a trip of Orchard House to stay immersed in the transition of the four seasons.
  • Mountains and highland landscape spreading in front of the hotel.

    There is a Blueberry Kitchen Garden of Orchard House there.

    The flowers and herbs of the local farm decorate the table of the plateau of the Orchard House.

    Please get up a little early and take a walk in the morning.

    Guests can also enjoy picking blueberries in the summer and maize straws.

Orchard House's Spring

Orchard House Summer

Fall of Orchard House

Winter in Orchard House